Achieving Refined Coastal Interiors

The lovely Kristin Gilford of Bungalow Interiors shares her expertise on how to achieve a Refined Coastal feel in the beautiful beach-facing bedrooms at 31 Broadbeach.

This interior style works beautifully with the spacious 31Broadbeach bedrooms which face the water offering residents an ocean view from the minute they wake up to when they finally head to bed at night.

The endless blue ocean views pair perfectly with sumptuous linens, plump pillows, sheer curtains, a rug you’d want to dig your toes into, and ambient lighting.

The refined coast style has become increasingly popular on the Gold Coast as it perfectly reflects the relaxed lifestyle, bringing comfort and calm to your home. Watch the video to see how you can bring the refined coastal look and feel to your home at 31 Broadbeach.