Why More People Are Choosing Apartment Living

It seems the traditional detached house with a yard lifestyle is taking a back seat as more and more Australians opt for apartment living.

With buildings such as 31 Broadbeach offering scenic views, luxury amenities with no maintenance and top class security, it’s not hard to see why so many are making the switch either temporarily for a second home or downsizing altogether.

The new push is to live simply in luxury, but is it the right move for you? Read on to discover for yourself.

Living in Incredible Locations

One of the benefits of apartment living is the ability to live in incredible locations, not usually available to the average home buyer.

Beachfront living especially has now become synonymous with the apartment living lifestyle, allowing people to enjoy the incredible ocean views of the Gold Coast uninterrupted.

The chance to live beachfront and amongst the action has become very tempting and more accessible than ever especially as single homes in these locations become more sparse.

Apartment living gives Australians access to these locations and the exciting lifestyle that comes with it.

Downsizing and Minimising

It’s no secret that apartment living does require some downsizing compared to a your average stand alone home however it can be a rewarding experience to let go of clutter.

Downsizing has become somewhat of a trend in recent years with more people releasing their unwanted possessions for a more minimalistic and carefree lifestyle.

Apartment living offers that simplicity making it a desirable lifestyle option.

Luxury Building Amenities

Another benefit of apartment living is access to a large array of luxurious building amenities you don’t usually have access to in a home.

Apartment buildings like 31 Broadbeach frequently come equipped rooftop pools and entertaining areas to enjoy.

Imagine having exclusive use of a 15-metre rooftop lap pool with sweeping panoramic views along the Gold Coast. It’s not difficult to see the appeal there.

Minimal Maintenance Responsibilities

Never had the time to maintain a beautiful pool or garden? No problem.

With apartment living not only do you get to experience living in incredible locations and having access to luxurious building amenities, but you receive all that access without the burden of general maintenance.

Pool cleaning, gardening and general building wear and tear is the responsibility of the body corp not you. If something needs to be fixed it’s as simple as notifying the building manager and then continuing to enjoy your day.

One less major and expense worry for you.

Top Security

Unlike a detached house which would require the installation of security features, apartment buildings come equipped with all the security you could ever need.

Remote entry to the building entrance, car park and lift in addition to security guard and cameras, ensures the safety of you, your home and your possessions.

31 Broadbeach even offers the additional feature of lift to lounge, ensuring only you have access to your apartment so you can rest easy.

How To Know If Apartment Living Is For You

There are plenty of desirable features of apartment living which has encouraged the shift to this lifestyle however whether or not apartment living is right for you and your lifestyle in particular comes down to how you enjoy your day-to-day.

If you prefer the security and easy lifestyle, free from clutter and home maintenance responsibilities, all the while enjoying some of Australia’s top locations, then it should definitely be a consideration.

See for yourself if apartment living is the right choice for you and register your interest in 31 Broadbeach today.